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Business Class Seats

Some seats on the market are designed solely for style and without consideration for their long-term use and application.  jce design has been consulted by  airlines and manufacturers on various seat design programs, offering design modifications to their existing seat design or completely new design to increase the life-cycle of the seat, facilitate ease of installation and reduction of cost.  A designer’s experience becomes evident in the longevity of the seat once in service. jce design has a track record of successful seat design.


Currently in testing

How exciting to finally discover a new economy class seat that is “first-class”! Here's An economy class seat offering unprecedented features which greatly enhance the comfort of passengers without compromising the pitch/density economics. Utilizing a proven ergonomic formula for comfort, “The Tilt” is by far the most passenger friendly seat in the long range cabin.

Manufacturing of the“The Tilt”eliminates nearly 50% of the required parts than its competition. The body contour design will revolutionize economy class seating for years to come.

Next Generation Seat

The next generation of aircraft seating will be defined by the ergonomics of the seat. It is our goal to use conventional, existing materials in a thoughtful and different way to redefine the interior space. The utilization of ballistic Kevlar, an industrial strength, flexible material creates a look that is very simple and clean, while providing an easily maintainable seat with a sizable reduction in weight for the new generation of aircraft seating.

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